Dissertation: Title: Political Economy of Federal Spending

Research Project

Essay 1: The Role of Federal Bureaucracy in the Grant Allocation Process
Essay 2: The Effect of Relationship between the Federal Agency and Legislators in the Federal Procurement Process
Essay 3: Bureaucracy’s Fiscal Strategy, Based on the Budget-Maximization Motivation, and Its Effects on Their Budget Receipts

Dissertation Committee: Jeffery A. Jenkins (USC, Chair), Elisabeth R. Gerber (Michigan), Pamela C. McCann (USC)

“The Effect of The Federal-Local Relationship on Federal Grant Allocation” With Jeffery A. Jenkins
“Nationalization of Local Elections - The President’s Strategic Intervention in Mayoral Elections” With Jeffery A. Jenkins
“Guardian of Treasury” or “Party Claimant”? - Appropriation and Budget Committee Members” Fiscal Stance and Hearing Strategy” With Jeffery A. Jenkins and Eli Joun
“Politics of Federal Deficit” With Jeffery A. Jenkins and Eric Patashnik
“Institutional Determinants of COVID19 Spending Bill Process” With Jung Hyuk Lee

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